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Chicken for your health

We keep hearing we should be eating less beef and more chicken and fish. Well, I don't know about your family, but mine doesn't want the same thing every night.So I have had to hunt for more chicken recipes so what I serve doesn't look or taste like the same thing every night - even though all the recipes involve chicken.

Variety - the spice of life

I have been collecting chicken recipes for a while now and thought maybe other people would be interested in them as well. These are tried and true - some members of my family are very picky eaters, so my recipes have to pass their judgement. You can get more variety in your meals by getting my recipes to add to your own personal collection of recipes.

The Diet Dilemma

One problem you may find with other online recipes is you don't know what the proper portion size, or the number of calories, or the amount of fat. I will do the research for you, so you have the information you need to fit the recipes into your diet. Also, my husband and I both have to watch what we eat as we get older, so my recipes are pretty well-rounded and fit into most diets.

The Recipe Club

I have set this up as a monthly recipe club. Remember those old recipe-of-the month clubs, where you got basically an index card box and every month they sent you some recipes to put in it? Boy, I invested a bunch of my teenaged earnings in those things! And what did I get? A bunch of recipes I didn't want and a few that looked good.

Well, I have a better deal for you. There is no fee at all for my recipe club. It is only one recipe a month, and it comes electronically. So if you don't want it, there is nothing to throw away except an email.

What do you get with your recipe? You get all of this each month for the featured recipe:
  • The recipe
  • Shopping list of ingredients separate from the recipe
  • Photos of the finished product and any tricky preparation steps
  • Video of preparation
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Tips of things to add to turn a dish into a meal
  • Links to products you might like or need to make this recipe
If this sounds interesting to you, enter your name and email address below. Once you have entered your name and email address, look for an email from me. This first email will ask you to confirm that you want the recipes. I do this to avoid having spammers register fake people. You might be surprised to find out how much that happens!

Once you have confirmed that you want the recipes, then you will get an email once a month with a chicken recipe. The first recipe, a simple Chicken and Dumplings, will arrive right away.

Sign up here for the Chicken Recipe of the Month. You can cancel at any time.

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I have never and will never sell email lists. The only email you will get as a result of submitting your name and email address will be the chicken recipes and occassional messages from Geri's Boutique about other things I offer that you might like.

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